Wine Review: Herencia Altes Garnatxa Blanca

Wine Review: Herencia Altes Garnatxa Blanca

Producer: Nuria Altes

Region: Terra Alta, Cataluyna, Spain

Grape: Garnacha Blanc

Vintage: 2019

ABV: 12%

Price: $15


Over the past few years, Nuria Altes has expanded her vineyards from only 14 hectares o 60 hectares across southwestern Catalonia, in the DO of Terra Altes. The vineyards and winery can be found in the middle-ish of Terra Altes right outside of Batea. Garnatxa (Garnacha), as it is called in Catalonia and Basque Country, is the primary grape grown, producing both red and white Garnatxa.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this bottle, as I had never drunk Garnacha Blanca. After one bottle, I came to the quick conclusion that this was one of my favorite white wines I had ever drunk. Whether you primarily drink red wine, like me; you enjoy exploring wine across the many, many regions of the world; or you are just looking for your Thursday night glass, or bottle, of wine; this is it.

The Area

As with Spanish wine flying under the radar for many, it is no surprise that the wine region of Catalonia is often overlooked even by Spanish standards. Catalonia is tucked away in the corner of northwestern Spain, bordering the Mediterranean and mountainous country of Andorra. Within Catalonia, Herencia Altes can be found outside the small town of Batea, which is in the center of DOC Terra Altes.

The vineyard’s elevation can reach lows of 1,280 ft (390m) highs of 1,575 ft (480m). The soils and earth below are mostly chalk-based as well. The proximity to the Mediterranean provides adequate water supply and temperature regulation, though the subregion is the furthest inland within Catalonia. Overall, Catalonia and Terra Altes are great wine regions with an interesting history, terroir, and culture that make for great, fun wine.

The Grape

Garnacha Blanca, or sometimes referred to as Grenache Blanc or Garnatxa Blanca depending on where you are, is a relative of the red grape, Garnacha. It has its origins in the northwestern Spanish region of Catalonia where much of it is still produced today, though countries such as France and the United States have taken a liking to it as well.

Garnacha Blanca is known for being big and bold in its flavors and aromatics alongside a relatively high alcohol content. Something to compare it to would be an oaked chardonnay. The grape is versatile in its food pairings as well, as it can be served with heavier, fatty seafood dishes, chicken dishes, and all sorts of veggies and spices.


Pear is the immediate and dominant aromatic open to empty. There are hints of green apple as well that came and go. Finally, there is an undertone of moderate minerality and some other, general earthy aromatics.


There were general apple and pear notes, and as the wine opened up, these balanced out with some nice minerality. Their Garnacha Blanca was full-bodied, creamy, and had a slight honey-like sweetness.

Final Notes

With it being wintertime, white wine lovers may be feeling left out in the seasonal wine buzz. Thankfully, this Garnacha Blanca is one white that can stand up to big, bold reds. Pear and honey notes with lots of big funky aromatics make for a tasty bottle. Whether it’s midsummer or midwinter or anywhere in between, this bottle fits. Its seasonal and food variety makes for great drinking and great times.

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