Welcome to The Muddled Grape!

Like most things in life, wine should not be taken too seriously. If you like jam bombs, drink them. If you like the old world and those that resemble that style, drink them. If you like all of the interesting funk and bottles in between, drink them.

If you want to explore and find all of the different aromas and tasting notes, search away. If you want to learn about the terroir, traditions, and wine culture of a particular region, keep on learning. If you simply want to enjoy a decent wine and not have to think too much about it, do just that.

While you should enjoy wine in the way that is best for you, there are definite ways to optimize your experience. This could be something as simple as swirling your glass or deciding whether to decant a bottle. Questions like these and beyond will be posted weekly alongside regular wine reviews.

Who We Are?

We are not experts at The Muddled Grape and will not claim to be. We are just people that love drinking, learning about, and sharing our passion for wine with anyone who will listen! Feel free to send us complaints, corrections, recommendations, questions, or anything on your mind, and to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates!